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Trace the city's cultural and sports landmarks and appreciate the wisdom of architectural steel products


Not every building can be remembered by the city,

Not every landmark can have a name engraved on the city map and flow into a story.
The cultural and sports facilities project is a symbolic carrier of the development of a city's cultural and sports undertakings, reflecting the changes in the spiritual and cultural life of the city.
Follow us and feel the wisdom of steel products from those majestic and magnificent urban cultural and sports architectural projects.
01 Carrying history, helping scientific research development

---Chinese Communist Party History Exhibition Hall

The journey of a hundred years has been magnificent, and the heart of the beginning of the century has become stronger as time goes by. The History Exhibition Hall of the Communist Party of China is a permanent exhibition hall with the history of the Communist Party of China as the main line and a panoramic display of the road of the Communist Party of China's unswerving struggle. The project adopts the WIS-WELD vertical seam welding stainless steel roofing system of Wiskind, which has excellent comprehensive performance, high wind resistance and excellent watertightness, airtightness and corrosion resistance, which meets the standards and requirements of the project design.

---Beijing Jiaotong University
Rail Transit Seaside Comprehensive R&D Experimental Base
The project has introduced some national and provincial-level scientific research platforms in the field of rail transit from Beijing Jiaotong University, with the aim of building a "first-class in China and advanced in the world" rail transit scientific research base. Its building adopts Color POD® sandwich panel of Wiskind Envelope System, which is flat and beautiful, and has good fire resistance, heat preservation and heat insulation performance.

---Shandong university Next Generation Semiconductor R&D Center
The New Generation Semiconductor Materials Research Institute of Shandong University is one of the first strategic scientific and technological innovation platforms supported by the Ministry of Education, and is built on the basis of Shandong University. The exterior wall of the building is made of Wiskind Color Curtain® Sandwich Panel, which has good corrosion resistance and can improve the overall service life of the building.

02Show the vitality of the times and serve the needs of the people

---Universal Studios Beijing
The project's visitor service center, parking building, waiting area and other supporting facilities all use Wiskind building system products. This series of products has become a high-quality material for metal roofing due to its moderate structural strength, good durability, strong plasticity, light weight, weldability and long service life. The entire roof system guarantees excellent waterproof, wind resistance and lightning protection effects, and meets the green building requirements of efficient construction, safety and environmental protection of the project.

---Beijing Huaifang Sports Complex
Huaifang Sports Complex is the largest park-style sports and commercial complex in China. The roof of this project adopts a double-layer roofing system, the surface layer adopts external decorative aluminum plate, and the bottom layer adopts Wiskind vertical seaming aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing system. Its comprehensive structural calculation ensures wind resistance and safety; the system structure is matched with high-quality thermal insulation cotton, which plays a good role in thermal insulation; at the same time, a waterproof layer is laid, with a reasonable drainage angle, and scientific edge closing nodes to eliminate the hidden danger of water leakage , fully guarantee the roof function.

---Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium
The roof of the gymnasium adopts the Wiskind standing seam aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing system. The vertical seaming of the plate and the plate is automatically completed to form a tight connection, which can solve the plate stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction, and achieve good waterproofing. Effect.
The roof system and gutter system are covered with 1.2mm PVC waterproofing membrane, the roof part is welded by hot melt welding, and the gutter system is connected by self-dipping. The complete and complete supply of accessories for this roofing system can meet the requirements of various building forms.

---Qingdao World Expo City
Lhasa Cultural and Sports Center is currently the highest comprehensive sports venue in the world and the most important venue for Lhasa's cultural, sports and mass events. The project adopts the Wiskid short standing edge vertical lock seam aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing system, which has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, easy processing and forming, and beautiful appearance, which significantly improves the construction efficiency and meets the project requirements.

---Lhasa Cultural and Sports Center
Qingdao World Expo City has been included in the major project library for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy of marine economy in Shandong Province and a key project in Qingdao. The colorful diamond metal thermal insulation sandwich panel material used in this project not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has excellent fire resistance; the core material is basalt wool with high hydrophobicity and high bulk density, which has good thermal insulation performance.

The stories behind these buildings are not only the inspiration and creation of the designers, but also their cognition and exploration of building materials. The metal enclosure system for the building is matched with different visual images. Integrating cultural characteristics into architectural texture makes the architectural image more intelligent and flexible.
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